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I've Heard Enough Dave.... Please Show Me How To Take My Business To The Next Level And Increase My Profits 10 Fold!


From: The Desk of David Deschaine
To: Anyone Looking To Start A Roofing Business - Here Is The Blueprint!



Dear Roofing Professional,

Let me tell you straight up... this web page can change your life.

It's not too often you get the opportunity to peer over the shoulder of a "celebrity" in this industry and watch in real time as I bank cash and turn what most would consider "stale leads" into HUGE PROFITS!

But today's your lucky day....

Because I'm going to expose my entire business - right here .... right now - as I pull back the curtain and reveal my biggest secrets... secrets that bank me profits like this each and every day!

  • $4,640.70 in ONE DAY!
  • $2,435.41 in ONE DAY!
  • $3,054.61 in ONE DAY!
  • $3,450.05 in ONE DAY!
  • $3,381.82 in ONE DAY!


And once you see just how simple and easy it is to turn your "struggling" roofing business into an instant windfall of profits (and I'm talkin about BIG results within 90 days) ... you'll see why I KNOW without a doubt ... this website is destined to change a lot of lives!

My name is David Deschaine... and my television commercials and radio spots dominate the northeastern part of the USA like McDonald's dominates Happy Meals.

There's not a day that goes by that my ads aren't blasting the airways and my phones aren't ringing off the hook with eager customers - checkbooks in hand - ready to pay me BIG BUCKS to get locked in my schedule. I don't chase them... they chase me!

"Keep Out The Rain - Call Dave Deschaine!"

My slogan is a household rhyme.. and my face is recognized by folks all over our local communities...

On average... I close 2 to 3 roofing jobs a day (just like the one's you see above) ... and sometimes as many as 4 to 6. I employ over a dozen contractors and sales people... and my roofing business is growing at an incredible rate of speed each and every year ... at times ... almost doubling in profits from the year before.

But it wasn't always that way.... quite the contrary to be honest.

I took a lot of punches and endured a lot of growing pains and years of blood, sweat and tears before I was able to take my failing business from barely making ends meet.. to banking millions of dollars a year in roofing sales and profits.

Plus, I'm going to turn you into an Advertising Guru ... and expose you to some ingenious Internet Marketing Techniques that cost very little (EVEN FREE) to setup ... that have allowed me to dominate local Google searches in my area... get my videos watched thousands of times a month (and clicked thru to my websites), and build email lead lists that would make most entrepreneurs cringe...

... And best of all ... I do it all from the comfort of my home office using my online showroom.

**New FREE Update** Facebook Marketing Video Training Series


Learn how-to "Master Online Marketing "... Want more Roofing Leads than you can handle?

You get all of my Secret Marketing Techniques, and FREE Roofing Lead methods...

But also UNDERSTAND, This was NOT... The way it has always been for me...

The truth is ... I was taught my whole life that if you work hard 16 hours a day... you'll be successful.

So I went out everyday and I worked harder than any man I know. I did it all... the marketing, all the estimates, sales, then the installations... you name it... my hands were in it.

And after 15 years... you know where that got me?


Ya, I earned a living... but I wasn't "living".

I was a slave to the roofing trade - a slave to my business ... And I sure as hell wasn't gettin' rich!

I missed my kids birthdays ... our anniversaries, vacations with the family ... I missed it all.

But to me ... if I kept working hard -- someday I'd be able to sit back and reap the rewards from all my exhausting efforts.

And you know what... that time wasn't comin' any time soon ...

Then one day, I had an epiphany moment... and it changed my life forever...


Listen, I found out the hard way that you can run a roofing business two ways...

  1. YOU can be the entire business... and let the business take over your entire life... OR ...

  2. You can work with a TEAM of pros and simply direct the show... all while banking 10X's more profit and freeing up your life to enjoy living!

Okay... so you may be thinking.... Sounds good on paper Dave... but it's not that easy to just put an All-STAR team together and instantly see your business go from point A to point B just like that... right?

Well... I'm here to tell you that you're dead wrong. It is that easy!

I've Heard Enough Dave.... Please Show Me How To Take My Business To The Next Level And Increase My Profits 10 Fold!


When you invest in my Roofing Business Blueprint Course today... you'll instantly gain the knowledge and expertise you need to increase your profits and lessen your workloads from day 1... YES DAY 1!!

I hold nothing back... no stone left unturned... you get all of me... the good, the bad... and the ugly!

I'm going to let you look over my shoulder as I purge my soul and show you exactly ... in step-by-step fashion... EXACTLY what you need to do starting tomorrow .... to begin re-building and re-structuring your current roofing business into a powerhouse selling machine that'll have customers banging down your doors with new business opportunities.

It's not rocket science... but it did take years and years of trial and error for me to perfect this type of well oiled selling machine that practically runs itself now!

Today, I have contractors and roofers calling me everyday for advice... and guess what ... I gladly help.

I'm not worried about competition... or worried about them stealing my customers... in fact... I welcome it!

I have so much business I actually turn customers away and refer them out to other contractors on a daily basis.

And here's the kicker ... that's what I can do for you too!

It's all included right here ... everything you need.. right inside my Roofing Business Blueprint home study course. You have the golden opportunity to take advantage of my generosity and turn you life into the kind of lifestyle most only dream of.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Or are you 100% satisfied with how your business is running and the profits you're making right now?

BUT WAIT! Before you answer that... let me break down my entire study course into sections so you can see exactly what I'm offering and how it can change your life starting on Day 1:

Module 1: Roofing Business Blueprint Video Training Series

This training series is really the star of the show. You'll watch over my shoulder as I go step-by-step thru the various training modules and help you take your roofing business to a whole new level.

From customer service training to sales force tactics... I leave no stone left unturned.

  • Video 1: Introduction - Laying the Foundation for Your Roofing Business
  • Video 2: Level 1 - Planning, Management, and Goal Setting
  • Video 3: Level 2 - Marketing, Sales Training and Production (three videos)
  • Video 4: Level 3 - Scaling The Business... Multiplying Your Business (two videos)


Module 2: Roofing Business Blueprint Training Manual

The Roofing Business Blueprint Manual took me over 8 months to complete. This is the perfect compliment to the RBB training videos.

In this manual I break down everything I teach into bite-sized nuggets of GOLD ... and show you exactly what you need to do to increase revenue and run your business on virtual autopilot.

This 155 page PDF manual reinforces everything taught in the training videos... PLUS has many added bonus sections you'll find completely astonishing.

This manual could easily sell on it's own for $97 on store bookshelves (and believe me I thought about doing that) ... but I decided to include it for you in the Roofing Business Blueprint training course as well.


Module 3: Roofing Estimator Pro Software And Training Tutorials

Roofing Estimator Pro is your complete Roofing Business Software packed with features that include:

  • Creating roofing proposals & contracts on the jobs site and uploading pictures to use in the sales process making you look like a true professional roofing contractor.

  • The program also includes a job calendar for scheduling your appointments and links everything to your customers - no more sifting through stacks of paperwork. This feature truly makes life easy!

  • The system also includes a detailed report dashboard feature to keep track of your sales for quick reference so you can get a "complete" look at your business at a glance. Know instantly what your profits and losses are... and how to add to the revenue streams.

  • The Roofing Estimator Pro Software also has letter templates with a fully integrated email system built into the software. The software comes fully loaded with product photos, price lists, and you can setup users for the office, and also keep track of all the materials used for each job. The system can be installed on a server for a local area network or installed onto a laptop to keep your office mobile. Talk about true convenience and organization!

  • Plus you'll receive an entire suite of step-by-step training videos to show you exactly how to setup the Roofing Estimator pro Software and how to use it for maximum efficiency, which can save you time & money.
  • This Roofing Software sells for $99.95... Check Amazon and it sells for this price - The Roofers Choice - Best Roofing Software Available FAST & Easy-To-Use!

Module 4: Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plugin

The Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plugin is the newest and easiest way to build website content online for your roofing business.

The Blueprint Plugin automatically searches custom RSS Feeds, Press Releases, Article Directories and other blog's around the internet to find new, targeted and relevant content for your roofing business website.

This latest version 1.4 Roofing Business Blueprint Plugin gathers content to expand your local blog, and therefore your visibility online to help you get more roofing leads.

With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can deliver the latest home improvement articles, roofing tips and tricks, home maintenance guides and more.

The best part is ... the Blueprint Plugin does all this automatically every day.

Your custom roofing business blog can post a dozen home improvement articles for your customers before you even turn your computer on in the morning.

  • Easy to Install

  • Fully Automated New Content Daily

  • Custom Article & Content Spinner

  • SEO Optimizer - Search Engine Rankings

  • Simple WordPress Settings

  • And Much More!

PLUS... I'm including my Step-By-Step Training Videos where I take you by the hand as we start from scratch and setup our blog, install the plugin, then turn on the SEO optimizer, and have your entire site ready to suck roofing customers from internet like a Hoover on steroids.

This plugin alone is a $97 value... not including the hours of training that I've included for you. This alone is a MUST HAVE addition to any roofers online marketing arsenal.

Module 5: Roofing Business Blueprint Social Media Marketing

The Roofing Business Blueprint Social Media Marketing package includes our 28 Page Social Media Marketing Manual with secret tips and tricks, plus a complete video training series, and High Quality Graphics with Facebook Timeline Templates You Can Use for your roofing business...

If you don't know how to set-up Social Media Sites that's ok... I'm going to let you watch over my shoulder as we create a Smoking Hot Facebook fanpage to get you more local roofing customers. You make more sales you make more money.

I have included a list of Social Media Websites that you can link all of your online marketing efforts together, and use my secret viral method that make my websites rock with local search traffic.

I will also go over some Powerful New YouTube Features, and then get Twitter linked with your Facebook, and so much more about Social Media Marketing for your roofing business..

This is Truly The next "WAVE" and you "MUST" take advantage of this social revolution online before your competition does ...

People will be talking about you, and your customers can post reviews that will get you more leads than you can handle. I have included the best kept methods, that only experience internet marketers are using to get leads through Social Media Marketing.

  • Learn Why Social Media Is Everything

  • How To Set-Up Your Facebook Fanpage

  • 5 Facebook Timeline Templates Included

  • Learn How To Use Adobe Photoshop

  • How Social Media Marketing Works

  • Easy To Install - Step-by-Step Videos

People trust Social Media Sites because the reader is engaged through conversational content that offers third party reviews, and brand awareness with a viral marketing strategy.

This alone offers a $97 value... Plus includes High Quality graphic templates, and again is a MUST HAVE for business owners who need to include social media as part of their online marketing plan.


I've Heard Enough Dave.... Please Show Me How To Take My Business To The Next Level And Increase My Profits 10 Fold!


Not only will you have the tools, the knowledge, and the state-of-the-art software to run your roofing business like a true professional... but you'll also have the online and offline advertising "edge" I can almost guarantee your competition lacks!

I've been in this business for decades.. and I know what works good... and what works great... and the tools and information I provide have been carefully crunched into consice, rock solid cutting-edge firepower that work GREAT!

You won't find a bunch of fluff and filler in this course... no way! From the minute you hit the play button on the first video... you'll be smiling with anticipation as I come out firing my biggest guns!

I'm not here to waste your time ... that only costs you and I money. I'm here to make you MORE money ... and show you how to use your time more efficiently and effectively and how to take your roofing business to the top.

I don't just 'talk the talk'... I 'walk the walk'. And that's why ...

I'm backing up my entire course with a 100% no questions asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Still not convinced? .... sheeesh! ;-0

Okay... not only are you getting my complete Roofing Business Blueprint Home Study Course and Video Training Series that's 100% guaranteed to turn your roofing business into a turbo charged selling machine...

... And not only are you also getting my custom built roofing management software "Roofing Estimator Pro" which I've sold another similar roofing software product alone for $99.95...(and this newest version has been updated and improved with many new features)...

... And not only are you getting my custom built Wordpress Plugin that I still use on a daily basis to build my blog on autopilot, rank high in the search engines, and drive hoards of traffic to all my websites ....

... Plus you will be getting the Social Media Marketing Course including Facebook Timeline Templates that you can customize for your own roofing business easily, and learn what are the best social media sites to create viral traffic, so your website will be rocking with new customers....

... But I'm also going to throw in an added SUPER BONUS PACKAGE that's gonna knock your socks off!

Super Special Bonus #1

Don't let this opportunity slip on by. I've paid as much as $5,000 to attend seminars in the past that didn't include nearly the amount of power-packed information and cutting edge tools I've put together in this video marketing course, and our Instant Video Templates which are also included in this bonus.

Unfortunately, I can't force you to take action.. But once you discover these "insider secrets" I reveal ... Then, I can prove to you exactly what your doing wrong in your business... and where you also may be leaving thousands of dollars in profits on the table from each new roofing job.

Do You Need A Video For Your Business?

Here Is Another High Quality Marketing Package....Post to classified ads for FREE... and you get FREE local roofing leads... and you can also post ads in multiple cites for pennies using one of the websites when you choose your metro area or State. These Graphics Are Ready To Use - Copy & Paste The Link...

Super Special Bonus #2

Massive Graphic Package for your roofing business, and a complete video training course valued at $97 and I would pay much more because, I've have use all these to generate hundreds of local roofing leads a year! This is the fastest way to get your roofing business seen in local areas and towns of your State. Complete Online Graphics Package so you can place your NEW High Impact image ads on these FREE classified advertising websites to get more roofing leads.

Special Bonus Software - FREE Roof Sketch Tool

Great Bonus Package....So, all you need to do is watch and listen... and PLEASE TAKE ACTION... and you can join me as one of the elite roofing contractors in the United States, and throughout North America.

Let me ask you a question...

If you could have a proven "mentor" sit down beside you and expose everything he knew in 'one-on-one' fashion... right in the comfort of your home... and then all you had to do was copy exactly what he did for the past decade and put his plan into action to increase your sales and profits this year ... what would that kind of knowledge and expertise be worth to you?

$25,000? .... $15,000? .... $10,000?

And what if he was also willing to hand you over his very own custom software - the same software he paid multiple $1,000's to have designed specifically for his roofing business - the same software he still used on a daily basis to track sales, jobs, leads, and customers.

Maybe another $10,000? $5,000 maybe at a bargain?

And then what if he told you to go try out his methods for 60 days... and if you didn't see a significant increase in sales and efficiency in your business... that he would refund every penny of your investment.... no questions asked!

Would you take him up on the "RISK FREE" challenge?

Hell, you'd have nothing to lose and a whirlwind of opportunity and profits to gain.... right?

Some may even call you a fool if you said no... right?

Well, the fact of the matter is... I thought about charging a paltry $9,900 for my course... and I was going to include a few months of personalized one-on-one coaching as well as the physical shipped dvd's and manuals, etc. And at that price.. it was a total bargain!

But I know how hard it is for small business owners to come up with that kind of investment in today's economy...

So I sat down with my attorney and we came up with the idea to make everything completely downloadable online to save on costs ... and then to pass those savings on to you!

So after crunching numbers... we came up with an amazing offer! A low one time investment price of just $997.

I think that's a steal of a deal.. don't you?

But then I got to thinking...

Many small roofing contractors still won't be able to afford $997... they have families and children...

C'mon Dave... you gotta do better than that!!

So, after many sleepless nights and consultations with my accountant, attorney, and friends in the roofing trade, I decided to give to you everything you see today for the one time LOW PRICE of only $197.00 - This is a complete roofing business system, roofing software and online marketing package.


That's a 90% discount off my initial price point ... because I really want to get my course in the hands of as many roofers as I can -- I know it's going to be a life changer for many!

And don't forget... you have 60 days risk free to put me to the test.

And the fact of the matter is ... I don't even want you to say YES or NO today... just say MAYBE!

Take my course for a 60 Day Test Drive and if you're not totally overwhelmed by what I share with you and the sheer value I've packed into every page, every video ... every piece of software ... I insist on giving you your entire investment back... 100% of it... no questions asked!

But there is one catch...

I can't help you if you don't take action right now .... so click the add to cart button below... and let's get started together... and let me help you turn your business into a true profit powerhouse.

This Is My Best Roofing Business & Software Package Ever!

YES DAVE! I want to take you up on your Risk Free offer.

  • I understand I will pay a one time fee of just $97.00 Today... with nothing more to pay ever!

  • I also understand I have a full 60 days to evaluate your home study course and if I'm not completely satisfied for any reason, I can request a full refund of my purchase.

  • I further understand that by following your instructions and training I will see my profits increase, using better time management while running my roofing business.

  • Finally, I also understand you will expose me to many advertising methods and marketing strategies that will increase my website and blog traffic, and also help to increase my sales.

Instant Access - Digital Download




In closing, I wish you the best of luck with your business... and I hope you'll allow me the opportunity to prove myself and what I can do to help you further your sales and profits.

I'll see you at the top!

David Deschaine


P.S. I also have a few priceless "surprises" for those who take action and put my course to the test today. I don't want to litter this page with a dozen bonuses... my Roofing Business Blueprint course stands strong on it's own merit... but I just know you'll feel like you hit the lottery once you see what other tools and resources I'm going to be handing you as part of your purchase today (while supplies last). My philosophy has always been to under-promise and over-deliver.. and I think you'll agree once on the inside that I've certainly done that for you. So don't wait... Grab Your Copy Of My Course Right Now!

P.P.S. And remember... you can't lose on this deal. All you need to do is say maybe and Click the Add To Cart Link! If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all)... just shoot me an email and I'll refund 100% of your purchase... no questions asked.

I've Heard Enough Dave.... Please Show Me How To Take My Business To The Next Level And Increase My Profits 10 Fold!


    1. What is the total cost of the Roofing Business Blueprint program.. and are there any other fees involved once I make my initial purchase?

      A.) The total cost for the RBB course is $97.00. There are no other additional or hidden fees.

    2. How long will it be before I receive my training materials?

      A.) You will have immediate access to all the training videos once your payment is approved by clickbank.

    3. Do you offer personal coaching and consultation?

      A.) No, I do not offer personal coaching at this time... but I may consider doing so in the future. I will keep everyone posted if that becomes available.

    4. Does The Blog Plugin Video Tutorials Include instructions on how to setup a blog too?

      A.) Absolutely! I will walk you through the entire setup of your blog and installation of the plugin.

    5. Can I run my entire roofing business with the Roofing Estimator Pro Software?

      A.) Yes you can. I run my entire business with the Roofing Estimator Pro software. it truely is worth at least 10x the cost of my course.

    6. Does the YouTube Video Tutorial include instructions on how to create and upload a video to the web?

      A.) Yes, I go over many of the essential tools and steps you need to take to make a video and have it online and getting views as soon as possible.

    7. I have a slow Internet connection... can I download the videos so I can watch them on my computer, and possibly burn them on a DVD?

      A.) Yes, Once you get inside to the members area you can download all of the training videos... Plus you can always watch the videos anytime online from your computer, and we did included many bonus videos and webinars.

    8. Is your program up-to-date with all Social Media Networks?... Does your training go over Video Marketing, and offers training for Photoshop?

      A.) Yes, we have just completed updated videos showing all the latest social media networks, and added Facebook templates for the new timelines, and just uploaded a Brand New video marketing course, and a special bonus which includes a 2 hour video training course that will teach you how-to-use Adobe Photoshop.... Awesome!

    9. Do you have an affiliate program where I can refer others in the roofing trade to your course?

      A.) Yes! Our affiliate program is located Here. You can grab banners to add to your blog or website as well as any other places on the web you feel you can send traffic and make sales. We pay a 50% commission on all sales.

      IMPORTANT: We do not pay commissions on personal purchases for your own use so please keep that in mind. if anyone uses an affiliate link to make a purchase for themselves... their account will be suspended and no commissions will be paid for that sale. An immediate refund will be issued.

Please feel free to direct any other questions to me directly at dave@roofingbusinessblueprint.com



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